Introduction to the Blog tutorials, learn free Excel 2013 for beginners and dummies

Excel for beginners

Learn free Excel 2013 for beginners and dummies. This Blog about Excel 2013 I start doing other users of the program i.e. a spreadsheet that have a desire to learn to work in Excel 2013.

My desire is to meet other users and beginners as dummies and teach them the basic steps to work in Microsoft Excel 2013. This Blog tutorial will include over 47 basic themes with which you can learn to work in Excel 2013. I hope that the absolute beginners able to learn to work in Excel 2013 reading my tutorials.

First blog page contains a list of topics that will be posted on the blog. Good luck learning in Excel 2013 for beginners. Tutorials for students and others who want self-education learning. 

Some article has been moved to a new web domain.
Soon, I'll move the whole Excel Tutorials to a new web domain.

Content of the Blog

  1. Starting - closing Microsoft Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  2. Layout working window of Microsoft Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  3. Toolbars and Ribbon in Microsoft Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
    3.1. All commands on Quick Access Toolbar in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
    3.2. All commands on Home Toolbar Tab in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
    3.3. All commands on Insert Toolbar Tab in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
    3.4. All commands on Page Layout Toolbar Tab in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
    3.5. All commands on Formulas Toolbar Tab in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
    3.6. All commands on Data Toolbar Tab in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
    3.7. All commands on Review Toolbar Tab in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
    3.8. All commands on View Toolbar Tab in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
    3.9. All commands on Developer Toolbar Tab in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  4. Settings and Options in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  5. Open a new workbook and worksheet in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  6. Save and close the workbook in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  7. View the worksheet before printing in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  8. Determining the margins of the worksheet in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
    8a. Page Setup Options in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  9. Creating Header and Footer of the Worksheet in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  10. Print a worksheet and a table or a print area in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  11. Creating New folder or directories in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  12. Navigate the worksheet in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  13. Select cells, rows, columns or range of data in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  14. Operators in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  15. Create a formula in Excel 2013(=> Moved)
  16. Conditional Formatting in Excel 2013(=> Moved)
  17. How to create a drop-down list or drop down menu in Excel(=> Moved)
  18. Define name of cell or range of data in Excel 2013(=> Moved)
  19. Formatting text and merge cells in Excel 2013(=> Moved)
  20. Change data and clear the contents of cells in Excel 2013(=> Moved)
  21. Merge or split cells in Excel 2013(=> Moved)
  22. Automatic filling series - fast data entry in Excel 2013(=> Moved)
  23. Insert special characters or symbols in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  24. Shapes and SmartArt graphic in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  25. Add comments to cells or Insert image to comment box in Excel (=> Moved)
  26. Undo and Redo command in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  27. Cut or Move, Copy and Paste the contents of a cell in Excel (=> Moved)
  28. Insert or delete cells, columns and rows in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  29. Change or Resize Height or Width  of cells, columns and rows in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  30. Insert pictures into Excel worksheet (=> Moved)
  31. Actions related to the Worksheet in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  32. Absolute and Relative address cell in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  33. Create a Chart in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  34. Format work table in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  35. Sort data in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  36. Filtering data in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  37. How to create a Pivot Table in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  38. Freezing row or column in the window on worksheet in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  39. Format date in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  40. Lock cell and worksheet in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  41. Protect structure and a workbook in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  42. Types of Error code in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  43. List of all functions in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  44. Keyboard shortcuts or hot key in Excel 2013
  45. Limitations in Excel 2013
  46. VBA Macro in Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  47. How to run VBA macro using button on Excel Worksheet  (=> Moved)
  48. How to create a formula with multiple Excel functions - nested Excel function (=> Moved)
  49. Superscript and Subscript u Excel (=> Moved)
  50. Quickly Numbering Rows or Cell in Excel (=> Moved) 
  51. Auto-number Rows or Cells using formula (=> Moved) 
  52. Circular References in Excel (=> Moved)
  53. Auto display Image or Picture from same Sheet based on value in adjacent cell  (=> Moved)
  54. Insert Image or Picture from folder to selected cell and resize image  (=> Moved) 
  55. Display Picture from another Worksheet based on cell value or name (=> Moved)
  56. How to display a specific character or text in a Excel chart (=> Moved)
  57. Duplicates data in Excel 2013   (=> Moved)
  58. Limit Scroll Area and Blocking Scroll Bar in Excel WorkSheet  (=> Moved)  
  59. How to compare and copy the information provided from other Excel workbooks  (=> Moved)
  60. Add value from active/selected cell to another Worksheet in specific cell  (=> Moved)
  61. Filtering parts of the text in an Excel column (=> Moved)
  62. Measurement quantities of fuel in the tank at a gas station (=> Moved) 
  63. The prohibition entering data into Excel cells provided in other cells (=> Moved)
  64. Most Popular PC and Cell Phone Games    (=> Moved)
  65. Free Game Gift  (=> Moved)
  66. The average price of gold and silver   (=> Moved)
  67. Evaluate Formula and Array Formula in Excel  (=> Moved)
  68. The best-selling mobile phone or cell phone in last five month  (=> Moved)
  69. VLOOKUP function in Excel   (=> Moved)
  70. Right to Left Vlookup (=> Moved)
  71. Annual schedule employees to work on a specific Day of the Week (=> Moved)
  72. List All Sheets inside Excel Workbook (=> Moved)
  73. Hyperlink in Excel (=> Moved)
  74. Hyperlinks in Excel - Example formulas (=> Moved)
  75. Hyperlink in Excel with conditions   (=> Moved)
  76. Slicers in Excel (=> Moved)
  77. Copy data by double-clicking in Excel (=> Moved)  
  78. Import colors from another Workbook to Excel 2013 (=> Moved)
  79. The sum of values from multiple worksheets for a particular condition in Excel (=> Moved)  
  80. Keep the position Print Area in Excel to list Print  (=> Moved)
  81. How to find the merged cells in Excel (=> Moved)
  82. Last Data from Row or Column in Excel (=> Moved)  
  83. Camera Tool in Excel (=> Moved)
  84. Copy, group and chronological sorting data from two tables (=> Moved)  
  85. Consolidate and cumulative summing values in Excel (=> Moved)
  86. Copy and group Rows if match condition (=> Moved)
  87. Extract, Copy, Group and Sort Unique Text to another Column (=> Moved) 
  88. Excel Worksheet Name or Sheet Name Tab - define, Multiple copy, Find/Replace  (=> Moved)
  89. Send Multiple specific PDF file from Folder to specific e-mail from Excel list (=> Moved) 
  90. Resume or CV - Curriculum Vitae in Excel  (=> Moved) 
  91. Basic Data Validation in Excel (=> Moved)
  92. Examples of Data Validation (=> Moved) 
  93. Transpose in Excel (=> Moved) 
  94. Transpose Rows to Column (=> Moved) 
  95. Automatically Copy formula to New Row bellow after add new data (=> Moved)  
  96. A Series in Excel (=> Moved)  
  97. CF between Workbooks using extra columns (=> Moved)  
  98. Conditional Formatting between Workbooks (=> Moved)  
  99. Copy first Non Blank cell from Row or Column (=> Moved)
  100. Copy every or each Nth cell from Row or Column (=> Moved)
  101. Extract all characters after specific character (=> Moved)
  102. Select every Nth cells or rows in Excel range (=> Moved)
  103. The Ham or Military spelling code in Excel  (=> Moved)
  104. Naming formula in Excel  (=> Moved)
  105. IP address in Multiple Range l  (=> Moved)
  106. Quickly copy formula down l  (=> Moved)
  107. AGGREGATE function in Excel  (=> Moved)
  108. Find the latest Date for duplicates the specific code  (=> Moved)
  109. Find the intersection headers of Row and Column (=> Moved) 
  110. Copy and Group Unique data from Column  (=> Moved)
  111. Unique Data in Excel  (=> Moved) 
  112. Rank competitors by category  (=> Moved) 
  113. Copy Rows with duplicate ID Code if Condition Match  (=> Moved) 
  114. Time Format in Excel - Converting time and hours  (=> Moved) 
  115. INDIRECT function in Excel with examples referencing on the cell  (=> Moved) 
  116. Power BI and Power Query in Excel  (=> Moved) 
  117. MOREFUNC additional functions for Excel 
  118. Unique vs Distinct 
  119. Family Tree in Excel
  120. Recover unsaved Excel file
  121. Return COLUMN Letter  
  122. Return ADDRESS cell 
  123. Hide or Unhide Rows and Columns in Excel 2013
  124. Highlight row and column of active cell
  125. Select and delete specific multiple columns and rows in Excel
  126. Filtered Data in Excel - return Last data from certain Column and Return another rows
  127. Copy data from one cell or range to multiple sheets by VBA
  128. Automatically Increase Number of Row when Copying down  
  129. Return Specific Text if Match in Adjacent Cell
  130. Rotating and Repeat series of Data in a Circle 
  131. Create Pivot Table from multiple worksheets
  132. Display folder name only with formula where is placed opened Workbook
  133. Display items without data and show zero instead empty cells in Pivot Table
  134. Concatenate multiple cells to one for matched criteria
Pay attention, you may need as a separator of arguments formula use a comma (,) instead of a semicolon (;). Copy formula to Notepad and with Find/Replace change semicolon to comma.